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There are more women taking part in this year’s Olympics than ever before, which means more moments to marvel at the sheer strength, speed and agility of the female body.

According to data for Rio 2016 from the International Olympics Committee (IOC), there are some 4,700 female athletes taking part (45% of the total number) and 145 women’s events. Both figures are unprecedented.

But despite these giant leaps forward, sexism is still rife. Whether it’s a BBC commentator likening a women’s judo match to a “cat fight” or referring to bronze medal winner Corey Cogdell-Unrein using her husband’s name rather than her own, it feels like we’re in 1956 not 2016.

To counter this we wanted to celebrate the incredible feats of women of this year’s Olympics, from Jessica Ennis-Hill to Simone Biles and everyone in between.  

Team GB Women Athletes On How To Inspire The Next Generation Of Girls

Team GB Female Athletes On How They Fuel Themselves During Rio 2016

  • 25
    Jessica Ennis (GBR) 30, Heptathlon
    DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
  • 24
    Sarah Elizabeth Robles (USA) 28, Women’s +75kg Weightlifting
    DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
  • 23
    Tania Cagnotto (ITA) 31, Women’s 3m Springboard
    DDP USA/REX/Shutterstock
  • 22
    Taliqua Clancy (AUS) 24, Volleyball
  • 21
    Simone Biles (USA), 19 Gymnastics
  • 20
    Lisa Hahner (GER) and Anna Hahner (GER) 26, Marathon
  • 19
    Yaniuska Espinosa (VEN) 29, Women’s +75kg Weightlifting
  • 18
    Olga Rypakova (KAZ) 31, Triple Jump
  • 17
    Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 27, Women’s 200m Backstroke
    Getty Images
  • 16
    Cleopatra Borel (TTO) 37, Women’s Shot Put
    Getty Images
  • 15
    Garielle Douglas (USA) 20, Gymnastics
  • 14
    Heather Miller-Koch (USA) 29, Women’s Heptathlon
    Getty Images
  • 13
    Cheong Jun Hoong (MAS) 26 and Pandelela Rinong (MAS) 23, 10-meter Platform Diving
  • 12
    Cyclists compete in the women’s road race near Fort Copacabana.
  • 11
    Zheng Wang (CHN) 28, Hammer
    Getty Images
  • 10
    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (JAM) 29, 100m
    Getty Images
  • 9
    Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida (FRA) 31, Heptathlon
    Getty Images
  • 8
    Almaz Ayana (ETH) 24, 10,000 meters
    Getty Images
  • 7
    Laura Ikauniece-Admidina (LAT) 24, Heptathlon
    Getty Images
  • 6
    Kawanaka Kaori (JPN) 25, Archery
    Getty Images
  • 5
    Anita Alvarez (USA) 20 and Mariya Koroleva (USA) 26, Synchronised Swimming Duet
    Getty Images
  • 4
    Maya Moore (USA) 27, Women’s Basketball
    Getty Images
  • 3
    Fan Yilin (CHN) 16, Gymnastics
  • 2
    Olga Kharlan (UKR) 25, Fencing Sabre
    AFP/Getty Images
  • 1
    Gemma Tattersall (GBR) 31, Eventing Team Cross Country
    Sportsfile via Getty Images
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